About NOM

NOM was founded by 2 friends who wanted to promote up and coming artists whilst providing unique, quality, & sustainable apparel. They created a platform to celebrate creativity whilst giving people a chance to own long lasting garments they deserved for affordable prices.


At NOM, we believe there is nothing more important than celebrating creativity – and that is exactly what our platform does. From early on in our vision, we saw the potential of combining the individual flair of artists to create an artistic force. 

Creativity starts with an idea and our idea is simple; cool, fresh, good quality clothing.

So, what is NOM?

In short, it is the chance to showcase and merge a variety of talents; it is a contemporary look at both the arts and artistry; it is an expressive outlet and way to bring art to life; it is a hub of creative inspiration; and it is a very modern take on all things artistic.


Slow fashion that lasts

As fast fashion has become one of the sad destroyers of our planet, at NOM  we are as dedicated to our ethical standard, as we are to our creativity. That is why it is our promise to provide fashion with a conscience.

Our clothing is paving the way for sustainable style. And, not only is our clothing made from organic cotton & recycled materials, but the quality is evident in the warmth of the material, the softness of the fabric and the strength of every stitch. Together we can fight against creating a landfill of clothing, and instead, feel as good on the inside as we look on the outside.