How did it all start?

NOM was originally founded by James Skipper and Jay Haslam in 2016 with a vision to create a vibrant, artistic brand. The key focus was on unique apparel and innovate collaborations, with inspiration taken from the 70's skate era and the 90's hip-hop scene.

In early 2020, the brand was taken over by Harry Taylor & Samuel Jay. We wanted to reinvent the brand whilst maintaining the original values of high-quality apparel.

2020 would always be a challenging year to relaunch a brand, but we really believed in building something special and putting good use to the UK national lockdown.

During this last year, the brand has been run from our homes. This has allowed us to really focus on every part of the process - from personally fulfilling and packaging your orders, to interacting with you on our socials. 

We are really grateful for all the support from our customers. Receiving excellent reviews and positive feedback on the brand in general gives the team a sense of pride. As we watch the brand come to life, we have found a new level of respect for small businesses up and down the country.