Industry News

It is no mystery as to why the creative industry has suffered for the last year after taking an enormous hit from the current pandemic turning the entire industry on its head. But our creative industries have helped power London’s economy for decades and just like before it will play a vital role in the social and economic recovery again.

There is no doubt that without the income the creative industry has generated for the economy, its tourist attraction is what makes London and without it would cease to be the best city in the world. Yes, Brexit has always been the lingering hurdle throughout all of these challenges waiting to trip us up along the way.

Additional damaging but avoidable obstacles now threaten us in the form of visa restrictions affecting Models, Stylists, Designers, Actors and Musicians. The government’s inability to grasp how the modern economy relies on the creative industry painfully back fired when the protection was granted more so to the ‘professional services’ leaving the creatives distraught causing job losses and businesses to close for good initially damaging the long term effect on the economy and potentially tarnishing London’s reputation as a creative city.

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel as the country manages to reach its current targets for the distributed Covid-19 vaccination, enabling us to move one step closer to saving our creative way of life.

Remember we possess and generate the power of the creative culture in London and that defines how the city is perceived around the world.