New Sustainable Technology

As the world battles with the ever-ongoing consequences of global warming the fashion industry is stepping up its sustainability and here are 5 of the newest emerging technologies for sustainable fashion production.

Virtual Sampling – Many of the industries manufacturers have always provided the designers with a physical sample. A sample provides both the designers and the retail buying teams with an accurate representation of the product, but one finished style can require 20+ samples before production. However. As 3D technology evolves, virtual sampling already enables a digital full line review which reduces waste in both design and product development.

Alternative Textiles – Some eco-friendly textiles include recycled fibers and fibers extracted from agricultural waste such as leaves. These new textiles reduce waste during production, are long-wearing and biodegradable.

Automation & Fashion on Demand – On demand design and manufacturing will play a significant role in the future. Instead of producing clothes and then selling them, the items are ordered then produced. Automation & Innovation in manufacturing combined with the money saved from reduced returns and guaranteed sales will be a win win opportunity.

Mobile Body Scanning – Offers a solution to the limited information available online regarding body sizes and types. With the information from these scans, businesses can create garments to fit different body types. The result is better fitting garments which leads to fewer returns and improved accuracy and efficiency that could help reduce retailer’s environmental footprint.

Virtual Dressing – Evolving 3D technology and digitizing what used to be a very physical, manual process through an exchange of fit information via a digital platform. With thousands of data points to create a three-dimensional image, mobile 3D body scanning empowers consumers to immediately determine how clothes will fit them.